Angelina Sondakh Mengalami Keguguran

Angelina Sondakh Experiencing Miscarriage

Angelina Sondakh or call Angie after her husband left, actor Adjie Massaid is a big temptation for Angie. Angie is very saddened by the death of her husband, especially after that Angie was having a miscarriage. It turned out exactly when her husband left, Angie just contain a second child from her marriage to Adjie. And pregnancy has entered the age of two weeks.

Angie experienced miscarriage is three days after Adjie dies, the possibility of miscarriages that occur due to fatigue, sadness, and shock over her husband's departure. So that the fetus is two weeks old and even then can not be maintained.

In the near future is likely to Angie will go to Singapore to cleanse her womb. This is done because Angie Angie feels that after a miscarriage, abortion has not been cleaned, so it must be cleaned. And Angie choose to be cleaned in Singapore.

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