Angelina Sondakh Singing Songs 'Kau Yang Kusayang'

Angelina Sondakh Singing Songs 'Kau Yang Kusayang'

Angelina Sondakh soon release a new album with the title 'Kau Yang Kusayang'. After the death of her husband, Angelina Sondakh still feel sad. And to commemorate her late husband, Angie has a desire to release a single album. The song 'Kau Yang Kusayang' is a favorite song is always sung while Adjie task to a dedicated area for Angie.

As a member of Parliament, Angie will not disrupt the schedule of duties as representatives of the people, even though Angie is busy at this time to release a new album. Angie also revealed that he would not promote her single like other singers. Angie singing just wanted to commemorate her late husband.

Aided by Maia as the producer, so the song is sung with great appreciation pleh Angie. The song is ever popular at the time of Gito Rollies is now to shoot a video clip made ​​by Angie is complete. And by the time filming a video clip, since Angie really appreciate not felt tears welling.

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