Ozzy Osbourne Reportedly Will Loss of House

Ozzy Osbourne Reportedly Will Loss of House

Ozzy Osbourne is a singer fronted the legendary heavy metal band Black Sabbath, today reported that he was delinquent income taxes for two years. Over the past two years Ozzy tax arrears amounting to Rp 16 billion. As a result, Ozzy will be at risk of losing his home.

According to the news, Ozzy and his wife, Sharon Osbourne owes 440 thousand pounds in 2008. And for the next year, their tax debt amounting to 626 thousand pounds, so the total debt of about Rp 16 billion.

The celebrity couple Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has been named the richest celebrity couples in the UK with a total net worth of around Rp 1.42 trillion. Both are known to do good, and like the member to the beggars and the poor.

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